Revulsed by Filth, Greed and Darkness




He’s sort of a pioneer – at least when it comes to connect Extreme Metal to profound Christian values. Jayson Sherlock was the Drummer in Mortification, whose „Scrolls of the Megilloth“ is still an outstanding Death-Metal-Album almost 25 years after ist release. Sherlock carried on with Death-Doom-Stronghold Paramaecium and was the first musician to release an Christian Black Metal Album with Horde. 2015 marks a new step in the career of the versatile Artist. His new Band is Revulsed – and Sherlocks aim was to take brutality and heaviness to a whole new Level. He was Kind enough to answer a few questions about his new Band. This interview is also available in a german Translation at Whiskey-Soda-Webzine.

Eskapismus: Hi Jayson, could you please tell something about the founding of the Band? In understand that InExordium appeared to be the „father“ of the band. How was Revulsed born?

Jayson Sherlock (JS): Basically without going into too much gory detail, after my long time collaborator and great friend Jason Deron left inExordium, and was replaced by Sheldon D’Costa, Sheldon and myself, after a few months of struggling to keep the excitement and enthusiasim going for inExordium, (the other two members simply no longer exhibited the passion for the music that Sheldon and I had) we decided to leave inExordium. We had a dinner meeting, I made my intentions to leave clear to the 3 other guys. Sheldon, after following my work from the very first Mortification albums, decided to stay with me and form Revulsed. The other guys had full control and creative licence over inExordium, and could have taken it to whatever ends they wished, and they, as proof of their lack of desire, chose to let it die a slow death. Not even advising their fans of the status of the band for months and months. Leaving them in bewilderment as to what had happened. Sheldon and I were then free to forge ahead creatively and pursue our dreams to create brutal old school death metal with a slam-tech modern twist. Some still classify Revulsed as brutal technical death metal, but to us we are death metal, pure and simple, the way it was meant to be.

E.: Is there something special that you want to point out regarding the Revulsed album or something that you are especially proud of? What distinguishes it from the music you did earlier?

JS : I think the main thing is that for most, when one gets older, the norm is to go lighter, slower, simpler and softer, etc… I wanted to do the total opposite. inExordium was the heaviest and most brutal thing I’d done since Mortification – Scrolls of the Megilloth or Paramaecium – Exhumed of the Earth. With Revulsed, I knew I wanted to go even further than inExordium did and Sheldon was totally onboard. Sheldon is a master of brutal riffs and a killer soloist and he is heavily influenced by the early Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation material, so he was just what Revulsed needed and  there would be no Revulsed without him. I guess I always wanted to outdo those earlier albums of mine in terms of speed and overall brutality, everyone always says, when is Mortification going to release Scrolls part two? Scrolls part two is no longer required Revulsed is here. I am not only proud to work with one of my closest friends in Sheldon, but I’m also SUPER proud and blown away to have had the absolute pleasure of working with the best death metal vocalist ever, Mr Konstantin Lühring, whom you should know from Defeated Sanity and Despondency fame.

E.: It’s horrible of me to let a father choose between his « kids », but if you had to pick one Revulsed song, which one would it be and why ?

JS : This is an impossible question to answer honestly because every single song on Infernal Atrocity I’m very happy with. We wanted to make absolutely sure there were no filler songs AT ALL on this record. I honestly can’t choose one song because they all have something unique to say. But, have said ALL THAT, if I absolutely HAD to choose one, it would be Agonising Putrid Self Infliction. This song encapsulates everything the Revulsed is in one song. Agonising Putrid Self Infliction was also the first song we used as a test track for Konni to try out on and he utterly killed it, and in one brutal take I believe

E.: If you had to do some namedropping of similar bands to help new listeners to get an idea how Revulsed sounds, which Bands appear on you mind ?

JS : Well one dude said it took him back to Suffocations first album, Effigy of the Forgotten, which blew me away. But I guess, somewhere between Defeated Sanity, Suffocation – Effigy, Pierced from Within era, Gorguts – The Erosion of Sanity era, and Cannibal Corpse – Tomb of the Mutilated era, with some elements of modern slam thrown in

E.: The Cover Artwork of your new album is absolutely outstanding. In which way does it represent the music or the lyrics on it?

JS: Well, thank you very much, I designed it and came up with the concept, but full credit goes to Pär Olofsson. He brought the cover art to living, breathing, impaling life and he is the master. The cover is basically the Infernal Atrocity itself. It represents the filth that is destroying this world, with each passing day, the world is sinking deeper and deeper into well, shit basically. Just take a look at whats happening in the middle east, and thats only a glimpse of the full picture. So the tree is a symbol of the evil in the world, some folks take it as a symbolic representation, while others as a realistic manifestation of the present state of evil. The tree is impaling it’s victims mercilessly. Just as evil does. The number of dead in the cover art is beyond count or measure. Some of the dead, the spirits are rising to a new life. Finally in the far left side of the art, we see a sun rise, this signifies that the time of evil will come to an end, and the sun (or light) will consume it (the darkness).




E.: You are a graphic designer by profession and created some great cover artworks in the past, mostly for your own projects. Why did you choose to hand your cover concept over to Pär Olofsson (who is of course by far one oft he most outstanding Metal Artists) in the first place?

JS: I knew that this cover art was going to be WAAAAY beyond my pitiful skills. So we had a few artists to choose from, but, at the end of the day, Pär was really the only choice if we wanted perfection, which is what we got. I’m a huge fan of his, and have been for years and years. Loved his work for The Faceless, Immolation, Abysmal Dawn, Psycroptic and so on, so we knew that he was going to be the best choice for us. Also it’s worth mentioning that without Stefan from Permeateds financial intervention we could never have afforded to employ Pär to paint the cover. So a HUGE thanks goes to him.

E.: You are known for your former bands Mortification and Horde. As a christian musician I presume, that your beliefs also effect you art. What topics do the Revulsed Lyrics talk about ?

JS: Revulsed is not a Christian band per se, however we do make it a point to have intelligent positive faith based lyrical content to contrast with 90% of the brutal death metal lyrics out there today. We are just over the violence towards women and general gore for gores sake. It’s all been done to death and it’s getting really old. Our songs are about topics such as greed, the results of a separation from God, hurtful and negative words towards others, the positive transformation of the mind, physical purification and refinement, corporate greed, celestial visions and detailed descriptions of dark entities and their demise. Hope that all makes sense !

E.: The singer on the album is Konstanin Lühring, the former singer of Defeated Sanity. How do you manage to have a singer from the other side of the world? What about the future, touring, more music with this „geographical challenge“? Is Revulsed a „Project“», or a „real band“ ?

JS : First and foremost Revulsed is most definately a band and not just a project, Sheldon and myself have been working with our new bass player, Mark Smith, who has been learning and tabbing out our songs from scratch. Our dream is to start playing this material live sometime very soon. We have been advertising for a local Melbourne based vocalist so we will see how that journey unfirls. Konni is THE Revulsed vocalist right now but due to the distance between us, it makes rehearsals and live shows with him impossible for the moment. However, if we get the opportunity to play live shows in Europe, then it will be totally possible. Revulsed will never be a massive extensive touring band, we would be more than happy to play a very small tour here or a festival there, thats all. We are all family guys who are busy at home, so we cannot be away for too long. How we connected with Konni is an amazing story. Basically in a nutshell, I was wearing a Defeated Sanity shirt in a Revulsed photoshoot we did for the album, and I used the image as my Facebook profile picture. Konni was my Facebook friend at the time but we hadn’t really connected properly yet, so when he saw the profile picture he was blown away, as he was a fan of the early Mortification material back in the 90s. So this started an amazing dialogue between us about basically everything, inlcuding our latest musical pursuits. Which let me to mentioning the fact that all we needed to do for the Revulsed debut was record the vocals, Konni then asked if he could  listen to the material and then offered to learn and perform all the vocals on Infernal Atrocity. I bascially couldn’t breathe. My favourite vocalist from my favorite band just asked me if he could record the vocals for my album. That was a miracle right there. I make no apology for stating that God set that up no doubt.

E.: Anything else you want to tell our readers at the end of this interview?

JS: Just to say thanks for the support and interest! The album is availble in digital format form our bandcamp page:

And CD’s and merch from Permeated Records:

Thanks for the interview!


Album Stream:



Revulsed are :

Jayson Sherlock (Ex-Mortification, Ex-Paramaecium, Ex-Horde) – Drums

Sheldon D’Acosta (Ex-InExodrium, Ex-Incursion, Ex-Incarnate) – Guitars

Konstantin Lühring (Ex-Despondency, Ex-Defeated Sanity) – Vocals

Mark Smith (Ex-Bind Torture Kill, Ex-Severed Abortion) – Bass





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